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Scan a document from your smartphone and store it in your personal cloud

No need for a scanner at home, and no need to transfer documents via a USB drive anymore! With this solution, as soon as it's scanned, it's stored and instantly accessible from wherever you want and from any of your devices: smartphone, computer, tablet.

This document will be securely stored and backed up automatically. With just one click, if needed, you can attach it via an email.

To perform this operation securely, you need to have a self-hosted personal cloud, which is the ultimate solution for protecting your privacy. We describe below how to do it with your Ajabox.

We assume that you have already connected your Ajabox to your internet box and already associated your smartphone with your Ajabox.

1. Choose the desired storage location

  • Open the app associated with your Ajabox on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the location (folder) where you want to save the document in your Ajabox.

2. Scan your document

  • Click the + (plus) button.
  • In the menu that appears, click "scan a document."
  • Place the document you want to scan in front of your smartphone's camera; the scan is automatically triggered once your smartphone focuses. The software automatically detects the edges of the document and "cuts" it from the photo.
  • Continue with the next page to scan.

3. Adjust and save your document

  • Once all pages are scanned, click "save," then click the down arrow to group all the pages into a single document.
  • Then you have the choice to create the document as is or to rearrange the pages by moving them with your finger before storing it.
  • Click "save" and choose the document name and a password (optional) if you want to protect it with a password.

And there you have it! You now know how to scan a document with your smartphone and save it directly to the Ajabox cloud.