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Always Just Anywhere

Your self-hosted private cloud

Your self-hosted

private cloud

your data remains safe at home
Plug & Play
your private cloud is completed with a digital safe, automatic backups, private VPN...

Your secure, simplified, and responsible private cloud.

How about taking back control of your data and securing it at the same time?

Cloud storage, cloud backup, do you think your cloud storage or your cloud backup is safe from prying eyes? These online storage methods scatter your data around the world in multiple data centers.In addition to a privacy issue, from an environmental perspective, cloud storage or cloud backups in data centers emit as much CO2 as the entire global airline industry!

So stop external cloud storage. Take control of your digital life in an eco-friendly way with your Ajabox. Your data stays with you, and with one click, you get:

  • a private cloud,
  • a protected NAS,
  • a secure digital safe,
  • an automated backup mechanism,
  • a one-click anti-ransomware restart solution,
  • a remote assistance mechanism when needed,
  • and many other services.

All of this with an electricity consumption of 0.003 kWh!

The Green Revolution in Storage and Data Management Solutions

Save your data, save your budget, save the planet

Privacy protection

Take back control of your data with your private cloud at home. Your data remains your property.

Digital vault

Activate your digital vault for your most sensitive data. Even in case of theft, the contents are rendered unusable.
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Private Cloud at home

Say goodbye to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or any other service with limited storage or subscriptions. Your folders are on your cloud at home, instantly accessible without location constraints. You can also share a portion of your private computing space with your family or whomever you choose.

automatic backups

Enable automatic and adaptive backups. Fallen victim to a ransomware attack? Click a button and restore to the state from the day before. Thanks to our isolated backup silo, there's no ransom to pay. Or perhaps you've simply lost a file? Or accidentally made changes you regret? You can recover it in just a few clicks to its previous state, from the date of your choice.
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dual mode VPN

With our secure 'Split-VPN,' you can access your NAS securely without being spied on, no matter where you are in the world.
With our 'Full-VPN,' you can use the internet as if you were at home. Say goodbye to location-based limitations when are on the go, as is often the case with certain video services.
Simply scan a QR code with your smartphone, and presto! It's as if you're connected to your home Wi-Fi when you're on the go, incognito!

Remote assistance

Facing a computer issue or something not working as you want on your computer? Call a friend or a family member. They can remotely take control of your computer securely through your Ajabox. They'll troubleshoot as if they were sitting right next to you.

And if no one in your circle can resolve your issue, utilize our computer concierge service. One of our certified technicians will solve your problem remotely through your Ajabox, ensuring control and security during the intervention.
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tailor made

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