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The Green Revolution in Storage and Data Management Solutions

The ideal solution for those who are environmentally conscious, your Ajabox is designed to offer an eco-responsible alternative to online storage services. This innovation uses electronic components from the space industry, used in satellites, to ensure optimal performance while significantly reducing energy consumption. As a result, it consumes a tiny fraction of the energy required by equivalent conventional data centers, thus contributing to a significant reduction in carbon footprint.

Without the need for complex cooling systems, it maintains operational efficiency while saving energy. Its self-adaptive algorithms to each user's specific needs optimize energy use without compromising performance. In addition to being energy-efficient, it ensures fast and secure data management on-site, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

Why is your Ajabox a more efficient solution to reduce your digital carbon footprint than using an online storage service?

When you use online storage solutions, you consume resources in data centers. It is important to realize that data centers today emit as much greenhouse gas as global air traffic.

At first glance, one might assume that hosting your cloud storage at home is equivalent in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Well, no! Hosting your cloud storage at home, beyond keeping your data confidential, also helps reduce your digital carbon footprint.

Here's why:

  • You are more efficient in data transport. When you host your cloud at home, you use resources that would otherwise be consumed and lost. A portion of energy consumption in data centers is linked to computer routers. At home, for this function, you use your Internet box, which runs continuously whether you use it or not.
  • You are also more efficient in data storage. In data centers, your data is stored on servers that consume energy and emit heat. Concentrating all these servers in one place in a closed environment, obviously for security reasons, requires a huge additional energy consumption for cooling. So, for every 1 kWh consumed by servers, the data center will consume a total of 2.5 kWh including cooling costs. With your Ajabox at home, the ratio is 1 to 1 because you don't have this cooling issue. Indeed, the heat dissipation of your Ajabox in the volume of your room will not require the addition of air conditioning. On the contrary, it will contribute to reducing your heating bill.
  • You are more efficient in the impact of your usage. For example, when you use a classic cloud service connected to your smartphone to store your photos, the default settings only upload your photos to your cloud when you have your Wi-Fi connection to save your data plan. As a result, when you return home after a walk where you took photos, your smartphone will start synchronizing with your cloud and will not consume any internet bandwidth if your cloud is at home, thus further reducing your carbon footprint related to internet traffic.

Finally, and last but not least, your Ajabox was designed with components from the space industry, where one of the primary concerns is the energy efficiency of its components, as they are intended for battery-operated equipment. In the end, it only consumes 3 watts. For a comparative sense of scale, this is a consumption:

  • 5 times less than your Internet box,
  • 15 times less than a laptop,
  • 30 times less than a desktop computer,
  • Less than the residual consumption of your TV and TV decoder turned off and left on standby,
  • Equivalent to the energy needed to heat the water for one shower per month.

In the end, it will not consume more being in operation 24/7 all year than for heating the water for one shower per month. Ultimately, by opting for this cloud solution, you can, if you wish, completely cancel your digital carbon footprint by taking one cold shower per month 😉

"Ajabox" is therefore more than just a data storage and management device; it's a step towards a greener digital future. By choosing "Ajabox", you embrace a solution that not only preserves data quality and accessibility but also acts responsibly towards the planet. Join us in this green revolution where technology and the earth coexist in harmony, propelling our world into an era of sustainable digitalization.

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