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No longer manage your technical problems

There are technical solutions available today that allow remote control of a computer, enabling you to work as if you were sitting at your keyboard. Take advantage of this solution to get remote assistance when you encounter computer issues.

There are many solutions available on the market that make this possible.

However, to bypass your Internet box's firewall, these solutions often use the call-back technique. So, from your firewall's perspective, it's as if you're initiating a connection to another computer without even knowing where.

Our system is different and requires the remote technician to pass through your private VPN to assist you. This greatly enhances security.

Furthermore, a state-of-the-art firewall is integrated into your Ajabox, allowing precise control over protection rules based on your activities.

Therefore, when you request assistance, the internal firewall opens access for assistance through the integrated VPN only for the duration of the intervention.  

In summary, all traffic passes through your Ajabox, and it adapts firewall rules based on what's necessary at any given moment. This operation ensures increased security.