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Today, storing your data in the Cloud (online storage) has become the convenient solution at the cost of sacrificing your privacy. Some prefer not to think about it, while others simply don't understand the impact of such abandonment. The hope that your information will not be used without your knowledge is nothing more than a mirage.

Every day, your data is being appropriated without you knowing it. Have you heard of the SmugMug/IBM scandal, where 6 billion photos stored in the cloud were illegally and discreetly used by IBM to power its facial recognition system?

Do users follow the cascading acquisitions of companies that profit from the stockpile of your data that has been "harvested" for years? Do they know what it's being used for?

You don't need to use social networks to be at risk. Just use online storage systems without reading the fine print of the terms and conditions. Are you prepared to spend a week reading through the cascading terms of use for Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.? Do you think your data remains inert in digital "cemeteries"?

No, your data doesn't rest in peace. So, what's better than storing it yourself, what's better than creating your own cloud hosted at home.

But how can you enjoy the ease of using the cloud without having to worry about backup management, server configuration, firewalls, and more? Well, that's one of the many services your Ajabox offers. No need to invest thousands of euros or be a tech expert. You plug it in, click, and you're good to go. You're the "boss."