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Split & Full VPN all in one at your home.

Your Ajabox includes a VPN server that can operate in 2 modes. You will choose the most appropriate one depending on what you want to do when you are away from home.

In full VPN, all your Internet traffic will pass through your home Internet access.

The main reason to use your personal VPN when you are outside your home is to maximize your privacy.

It's important to know that when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network in a hotel, airport, shopping mall, etc., all your traffic is recorded, analyzed, and dissected. Every action you take on the Internet is known. Even if you are using a secure connection like HTTPS (with the small padlock symbol in your browser), you are not 100% protected as with a VPN.

Indeed, the content of the pages will be invisible. However, the page addresses and the content of certain transmitted parameters leave various traces, which are sufficient today due to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand what you are doing on the Internet.

If you visit your bank's website, we won't see your account balance, but we will know that you are a customer of that bank and, for example, that you visited the page to make a transfer.

If you go to an e-commerce website, we will know exactly what you purchased through the analysis of links and the order of pages visited, etc.

It's important to know that these elements will be stored indefinitely in what is called Big Data, a source of information for other connected AIs whose extent of use and future use we do not yet fully understand.

You must protect yourself today and leave the minimum digital traces.

This is what you achieve by using a VPN because the pages you visit become completely invisible to the public Wi-Fi service that collects information. For them, you are only accessing the same IP address, that of your VPN, and they no longer have visibility into the sequence of pages you visit and what you do.

In this use case, there is an additional advantage to using a private VPN that you own and that is located in your home rather than an outsourced VPN service.

With a VPN, it's not to say that you leave no trace; you leave traces, among other things, at the system level in the "logs" of the physical machine hosting the VPN server. So, it's better that this "logs" history is on a machine that is in your control, rather than a machine somewhere in the world that you don't have control over.

Another potential reason to use the full VPN of your Ajabox is to make it appear as if you are at home for the Internet services you access. This may seem insignificant, but it allows you to continue using your Prime Video subscription, for example, when traveling abroad; otherwise, the service will be blocked.

Your Ajabox also has an additional advantage over an outsourced VPN service because it allows you to switch to Split VPN mode:

In this mode, you will continue to use the local Internet connection wherever you are for regular internet browsing. However, you will have access to your data stored at home as if you were there.

In this adaptive mode, access to your personal data will automatically pass through your VPN tunnel, which will only be used for that purpose. The routing of your communications inside or outside the VPN tunnel adapts automatically and instantly based on what you are doing. As long as this mode is activated, you don't have to worry about anything; the system adapts automatically in real-time.

If you are at your workplace, for example, this will allow you to use your company's Internet as you did before. However, you will be able to access your files stored at home in a completely secure manner compared to your employer, preserving your privacy.